When you have a problem with your plumbing, you are going to want a prompt response and a no fuss solution! Our experienced team of certified plumbers can assist you; with no problem being too big or small for us to fix. From leaky taps or toilets, to blocked sinks, through to bigger concerns like correcting your water pressure or replacing hot water elements or thermostats - we’ve got you covered. 

Give us a call for your free, no obligation quote on our services, including fixing: 
  • Leaky Toilets 
  • Leaky Taps 
  • Tap Washer replacements 
  • Clogged Shower Drains 
  • Blocked Toilets
  • Leaking Shower Heads 
  • Toilet Cistern Repairs 
  • Laundry Appliance installations 
  • Slow Draining issues 
  • Low Water Pressure


A powerful and reliable hot water heater is the best option for your domestic or commercial property. Kevin Baker Plumbing can install your hot water cylinder. We offer a solution to suit your needs; whether you need a hot water cylinder for a new home build or to replace your existing, outdated hot water cylinder. Do you have a leak or no hot water? We can assess the issue and carry out repairs on existing cylinders with high efficiency; we can also help you with low pressure to high-pressure water conversions with ease. 


No hot water at your place? It could be that you need your hot water cylinder elements and or thermostat checked and replaced. Our experienced team will assess the issue present in your hot water service and conduct necessary replacement or repair work, to get your hot water flowing how it should be!


Bring your dream bathroom to life with the help of our experienced team to make your bathroom renovation a seamless, easy process. We can assist you with simple installation and replacements for a new toilet, sink, bathtub, vanity upgrade, shower mixer and more; or if you need more guidance on facility placement and general advice before you proceed with your design, speak to our friendly team to get you on the right track.


Replacing and refitting a toilet seems like a straightforward process; but one wrong move and you could be in the...well, you get the idea! Have our team provide a swift toilet refit for your home bathroom or staff facilities, so you can keep things moving. 


Refresh the look of your master bathroom, guest bathroom or staff bathroom facilities by upgrading your vanity unit for a more modern look, more space in the bathroom vestibule or as part of a renovation or new build. We’ll install your new vanity quickly and effectively.  


Install a powerful new shower mixer and shower head to transform your outdated, weak shower pressure into a strong streamed, therapeutic experience by having our team work with your requirements to create the shower experience you deserve in your home bathroom or business washroom facilities. We can install a shower mixer and head quickly and efficiently for you. 


Create a home kitchen fit for a chef by having our expert team work on your kitchen renovation to install new sinks, waste disposal units, water filter taps, hot water cylinders, hot water taps, dishwashers and much more to make your space a culinary headquarters. We can assist you with simple installation and replacements or if you need more assistance and advice before you get to planning your new kitchen, speak to the team to help you get started with your plans. 


Provide fresh, cool and great tasting drinking water at the touch of a tap button for your family or staff by having our team install a brand new water filter tap system in your home kitchen or business staffroom. Eliminate chlorine, bad taste, odours and sediment in your drinking water supply - fast! Contact our team for more information on water filter and tap installations.


Increase your sustainability and reduce the carbon footprint of your home or business by installing a waste disposal unit in your kitchen or staff room and eliminate organic waste from going down your drain and causing blockages, or from going into landfill via your weekly rubbish pick up. We’ll install your unit fast, so you can get to using it quickly and start making a difference to your environment.


Ensure your new Dishwasher is installed and hooked to services correctly, by having our expert team of certified plumbers complete this for you.